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FreeMind Vibrant Health

This series of recordings is designed to enable an individual to begin really enjoying looking after him or herself. A healthy body is a pure source of vibrant, healthy, positive energy, which is the ultimate foundation for experiencing happiness. FreeMind takes the very best of accelerated-change technology and combines that with performance psychology so as to enable an individual to undertake a ten-day experiment that will put them in touch with powerful parts of themselves that can begin to get very excited about living more vibrantly. This Vibrant system furnishes the individual with the information and the motivation required to make small changes in their lifestyle that can lead to revolutionary differences in how a person looks and feels. This system offers complete support including short recordings to listen to in the morning and the evening that make following the experiment very easy. This simple experiment creates an ongoing structure that enables an individual to enjoy improving their health and fitness much more easily than possibly ever before.
Vibrant Life – You must listen to this recording first as it is the introductory training that sets out the guidelines for the Vibrant experience and explains how and why such small changes can make such a big difference in your life. It is designed to inspire and motivate and towards the end of the recording it asks for a commitment to the process. You can listen up to this point whilst you are considering beginning the experience but you must only continue into the final section of this recording when you are ready to commit to the experience. You will be given full instructions as you listen.

Vibrant Night – The night before the first day of the ten-day experience you listen to this recording just before going to sleep. This recording is designed to set you up perfectly so that the following day will be a vibrant healthy one. This is essential when undertaking the vibrant experience but is also very useful anytime in the future that you want to ensure that the following day is a healthy one. It enables you to drift off to sleep comfortably programming yourself to enjoy much greater success and happiness in your life by improving how you look after yourself during the following day. This is not just about health and fitness. The knock on effects of properly looking after yourself are considerable.

Vibrant Morning – Set your alarm a little earlier and first thing, whilst still in bed, enjoy setting yourself up for an amazing healthy day with this recording that is designed to remind you of the Vibrant life principles. By refreshing these guidelines and combining them with performance psychology techniques you are very powerfully able to commit to a day of looking after yourself. This is an essential part of the vibrant experience but can also be used anytime you want to ensure you have a vibrant energetic day. This recording is designed to get you jumping out of bed with a spring in your step.

Vibrant Change – Is designed to get you very excited about living more vibrantly but it does this by scaring you and inspiring you in equal measure. This is a dramatic musical psychological process that journeys into some dark feelings about the painful consequences of you not looking after yourself. Sometimes people need a jolt and this is designed for exactly that. This process ends on a very high celebratory and positive note that is associated with you looking after yourself. The contrast between the negative and positive consequences is used as a lever to increase your motivation so that you enjoy creating and maintaining a vibrant lifestyle. This experience is not for the faint hearted. If you are of a very nervous disposition or you are prone to hypochondria this recording may be very effective but it will, potentially, be very disturbing.

Vibrant Lifestyle – Once the Vibrant experience is complete this recording is designed to give you some simple guidance and structure on how you can continue to enjoy improving how you look after yourself. Use this anytime you want a reminder of the key Vibrant Lifestyle principles.


*Losing weight is achievable using almost anything but long term weight loss has to address the core issues that create the eating habits in the first place. Does that make sense?


How Gastric Band Hypnosis Came About.

I just want to share my very personal story and why I am so passionate about what we share on this page.

I like most people have faced problems. Some big, some not so big, but problems all the same. At times my own problems have frozen me with fear, trapped me and made me unable to move forward.

This of course has caused me more problems in things that the average person takes for granted, we all take for granted.

At one point they got so bad for me, I had to opt for more intensive, more conventional treatments to try and get my own issues fixed.

Honestly, it just never worked for me. Eventually I undertook some training programs that had the same mind-changing affect on myself as what we’re offering you today. The programs dug very deep inside of me, got to the root of my long-term, unrecognised problems, helped me to removed the blocks that kept repeating in my life until I got to the stage I am at today.

Successful in most things, my business, my life, my relationships. Yet it was just a year ago when I was at one of my lowest points in my life when I opted for more help.

Now I am at a place where my parents, my friends and my relationships are more than amazing.

That’s why I am so passionate about this stuff, how could I fail to pass it on. These changes not only have worked for me, they have worked for others, friends, relatives, clients of mine. Not just in weight but in all areas of life. The changes I have seen in people are huge. I hope now you understand why I am so passionate about this the non-surgical Gastric Band Hypnosis because the truth is, it works! These very same, life-shifting changes are waiting for you today.

I took the science of what had helped me, studied it, worked with experts and create what I know is a program that will transform your life forever – WITHOUT- surgery.

The Benefits For You Are Incredible!

Relationships: Better longer lasting relationships (because your core issues are addressed, you’ll find your relationships will LAST)

Fitness: Fitter, able to do more than you have ever been able to do in your life. (when you feel fit you think fit, when you think fit you achieve more, This program creates higher than average achievers)

Health: Healthier, I feel incredible, look great and love seeing yourself in the mirror. (Don’t worry I know how you might feel looking in the mirror right now. I promise this program removes that deepest fear and replace it with a more settle way of looking at your life)

Sport: Maybe for the first  time in my life you’ll feel fit enough to play sports and now and then actually win. (when you can freely run around, chase a ball, use a racket, you’ll get a feeling of almost euphoria – this program is designed to help you get there fast!)!

Energy: Energy, I have seen clients bursting with so much energy after this program you just won’t believe it! (if it sounds hard for you to imagine I almost guarantee you’ll overcome the one thing in your mind that stops you have that self-belief that you can do anything. This program is designed to energize you and it works!)

So maybe then this is a good time for me to begin writing my blog. I’ve sort of put of writing this for a while. I guess one of the main reasons is that it being a blog it’s a bit like opening up your diary for other people to see, baring your soul so to speak, and it can be a bit scary letting other people in. Letting them look around and see what’s really going on in your own little world. We spend so much time worrying about how other people see us it absolutely insane. And the shame of it is that we focus so much of our energies on how the outside world perceives us that we miss the very beauty of ourselves.

I saw an article recently in the newspaper with a photo of grains of sand. Just everyday sand from any old beach. But the photo was blown up 250 times in size, and when you looked at them that closely every single grain of sand looked like a unique and precious gem. I couldn’t help but think, ‘if that’s what a grain of sand looks like, every one so different, so unique and so perfectly beautiful in that uniqueness, how can we as people ever be anything that totally and utterly elated with who we are.’ For when we look at any one of these simple grains of sand in the photo on the left, we can easily appreciate their beauty and majesty. But then when it comes to ourselves, perhaps we just never look closely enough. Maybe that’s why undervalue ourselves, belittle ourselves, assume we’re not good enough exactly as we are – however that may be.
And it’s a great shame more of us don’t see the beauty in ourselves, and don’t find that peace and joy within them. I gotta admit, one of the things that’s got me moving and starting this blog is Gary Speed’s death recently. I’m in, what I would hope, is a minority of people that have experienced the mindset that can lead to someone taking their own life, and if I’m honest I’ve been quite suprised by the force of the emotional reaction to hearing of his death that has occurred within me. Suddenly it’s become quite hard to write. Somehow seeing someone that, in the public’s eyes, at least, had everything together, was happy and had the world at his feet, go through with, what I had threatened, and even went as far as attempting; well – I’ve found myself crying endlessly over the death of a man I’ve never met.

I think what really got to me was 2 things. Firstly, the shock, and confusion, the pure numbness of the reaction of everyone that was left. It made me think that if I had carried out my threats that day last year, just quite how painful it would have been for everyone around me. Indeed a huge air of guilt surrounds me as I think about it now and just how much pain I did in fact cause people around me at the time. The guilt is something that I’m allowing myself to feel right now and the more I watch myself cry the more I see it simply clearing away. I think that’s probably one of the biggest changes that I can see in myself over the last year. I’m not scared to feel emotions now, even ones that my have been hidden away for a long long time.

And you know, it occurs to me that that is pretty much the key to everything. Letting go. Not holding on to things, simply accepting and surrendering. To whatever comes. Sure you move in a certain direction in your life, but the truth is that you never know what’s coming round the corner, and to be honest with you – I wouldn’t wanna know! The whole fun is that universe can choose to interact with you in any way it wants. You might not like it but it wont kill ya – and even if it does – it can only kill you once (and you kinda knew that was coming at some point anyways by virtue of being born). So what’s my rambling point here? Well it’s quite simple. Whatever comes your way you always have a choice with how to deal with it, how to interact with it, who you choose it be in relation to it. But everything changes and everything dies. The sooner you accept this simple fact, the easier it becomes to let go of things. Everything in fact. From bad days, or insecurities from childhood, even to life of your loved ones and your own body one day. And when you let go – then you are free! Free to appreciate what’s right here in front of you now. This very moment!

This moment right here! It’s a fresh canvas. It’s never been drawn on before and never will be again. You can paint any picture you want, sing any song you please. If you want to keep playing old records from your past, then you can. And if you want to be something totally new and fresh right here and now then you can be that too!

The world really is your oyster and ANYTHING is possible! I’m can’t help but be filled with such gratitude for being here right now. That’s the second response I’ve notice in myself to Gary Speed’s passing, such immense love and gratitude, for life, for whats, for everything and particularly for the people that were around me back in those dark days. Those that offered me enough love, compassion and when needed some tough home truths. I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you.

And then soon, when the time is right, I will let that go too. For all things must be surrendered in the pursuit of Truth and Freedom.  So until my next Bridget Jones moment – enjoy this one!


weight loss hypnosisWorried About Your Health Due To Being Overweight?

Are you one of the millions of overweight people who are in danger of developing life threatening diseases like diabetes, stroke, heart attacks and other serious diseases due to out-of-control weight gain? Are you also one of those that have also considered Gastric Band Surgery?

But maybe the fear of the Gastric Band surgery side-effects is the one thing that stops you losing weight.
Side effects like
PAIN: Clearly any operation has pain, bruising and discomfort (maybe the thought of having your skin cut open and a surgeon inside you sends a shiver down your spine)
INFECTION: All and any surgery carries the risk of injury or infection (there are cases of death post Gastric Band surgery)
RECOVERY: It can be a long recovery time with day after day, week after week in bed (maybe you have kids, self employed and simply cannot afford that time off)
SICK LEAVE: Would your employer allow you a long period off?
COST: The price of surgery private is the price of a car. Can you afford to pay for the surgery? (average costs between £7,000 and £8,000)

If you can admit to yourself you are overweight but have those fears … I have good news for you.

Now You CAN Easily … Drop The Pounds You Need To Vanish in Weeks and Reduce Your Waist Size by Inches


Is that possible? The truth is users of this product are reporting astonishing results. The instant removal of endless need to eat, snack and binge. You will see weight drop off. You will see you body mass get smaller and smaller. No wonder in the first week of release over 1,500 snatched up this incredible offer

Why It Works?

We believe there are more reasons to losing weight than just reducing foods. Have you seen people lose weight then not long after they appear to be bigger than ever? The main reason for this is – YES – losing weight is achievable using almost anything but long term weight loss has to address the core issues that create the eating habits in the first place. Does that make sense?
Food isn’t just a hunger thing, it’s also an emotional thing. Food comforts and fills a void that is ongoing. The surgery might stop the food going in but cannot address the real reasons for over-eating, binge eating and excess. That’s what makes us very, very different and hugely successful. Our program goes deep into the issues that cause your problems in the first place. It answers questions like why does this really happen? When did it begin? How can I stop it happening again. These are core, deep issues that are rarely if ever covered by conventional treatments. We go to the core. This helps you to lose weight and keep off your weight. If you have a fall back into weight problem simply listen again and stop it before it gets out of hand. The fact is… Gastric Band Hypnosis WORKS!

Food Our self-hypnosis program cuts right deep into the core of what your problems really are, where they begin, the problems they are creating for you now and of course how you can eliminate the problem that is creating your obesity in the first place.

I should know; I’ve seen this and experienced this program in action many, many times over the years and in fact if it wasn’t for programs like this I wouldn’t be here today. It’s a version of this very program that took me personally (Christopher Adams) from the confines of a psychiatric hospital and almost taking my own life. That was many years ago. I can happily share with you since those days my life has changed beyond anything I can write here for the better.

Not only has my life unleashed a new sense of being but the lives of clients have done the very same. Not just for weight loss, for relationships, for wealth, for general happiness, for letting painful past go and so much more. I promise you this easy-to-listen to, step-by-step program can and will change everything for you if you allow it to. Everything you need to know is built into the package.

Improving Exam Performance

One of the biggest challenges for students is exam time. Many people have difficulties with exams because they feel that they won’t perform well on the day. So how can you ensure that you do your best on the vital day? Below we look at some of the biggest problems and how to overcome them easily.

Problem: Memory Recall

All memory is state dependent. This means that when you want to recall something from memory the best way to do so is to be in the same emotional state as when you learnt the information. The problem for most students is that when they learn the information they are typically in a relaxed state in class or perhaps even a bored state; when they come to sit exams they often find themselves in a panicky or stressed state. So they find it hard to recall the information that they need, simply because of the difference between their emotional states.


When you study for your exams put yourself in a relaxed state. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the process. When you go into the exam, let go of any stress or anxiety and allow yourself to be in a relaxed state too. Also since stress inhibits memory and relaxation aids it, being in a relaxed state during exams becomes doubly important.

If you find it challenging to get yourself in a relaxed state, practice doing this on a regular basis. An easy way to do this is to use hypnosis to relax you. You can get a free hypnosis track here ‘christopher adams online’.

Problem: Anxiety approaching exams

A lot of people experience great anxiety around exams. One of the main reasons for this is that they project in their minds the consequences of not doing well. Generally speaking you can only feel anxiety around something when you think of it not going as you want it to. Think about it, people never say, “My life is going to be so amazing, I’m going to have lots of money, lots of friends, be rally happy and get everything I want – I’m really anxious about it!” The degree to which you feel anxious about something is only the degree to which you think about things happening that you don’t want. If you never thoughts about things going the way you don’t want them to, you would never feel anxious.


The easiest way to deal with this is to start thinking about things that you do want instead. Start thinking about you passing your exams, easily and effortlessly. Make a list of all the things that you want, that you could get when you pass your exams. Then start to associate the exams with them. Spend a few minutes each day, look at each item on the list and think about it in detail, allow yourself to feel the great feelings you will feel when you get it. Then think about your exams (and passing them!). Then think about the list item again, then your exams, then the list item, then your exams. Think longer and more thoroughly about the list item than your exams.

The more you do this, the more you will associate exams with positive thoughts and feelings, and more importantly when you think about them you will think about them going the way you want them to.

Problem: Time Management

Often students run out of time during exams, not answering some of the most important or heavily weighted questions at the end. Problems of time management are common in exams but they can be overcome easily with some simple discipline.


At the beginning of your exam, READ ALL THE QUESTIONS THOROUGHLY. Check how many marks are given for each question, and look at which questions you will find easy to answer. Divide your time up between questions of segments based on this. For example if you have 4 essay questions then allocate yourself just under ¼ of the time for each one. (giving yourself time at the end to go back and check your work).

Answer the quick easy questions at the beginning where possible, since most people gain most of their exam marks in the first ¼ of the exam. Not only this, but getting a few quick early wins under your belt will give you confidence as you go along. If you can’t answer a question, don’t dwell on it, skip it, move on to the next one and come back to it at the end if you have time.

For more information, help or coaching visit us at christopher adams online.

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